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Is Auto9ja buying my car from me?

Buying a car from a seller is an option to Auto9ja, Although both parties have to agreed on the price to have a deal. On the other hand , Auto9ja is facilitating the sale to a private party buyer—this is part of the reason we’re able to offer a much better price for your vehicle. As part of this facilitation, we will take possession of your car to wash it, take professional photographs, list it across major channels, deliver test drives directly to buyers, and facilitate seller payment and buyer financing (Do It For Me Service). Another option is DIY, You just post an Ad of your vehicle for free, and it’s accessed by millions of buyers nationwide..

How do you come up with the price quote?

Auto9ja’s platform tracks millions of data points on past and current prices, and forecasts future prices. We use this data to price cars, resulting in payments to sellers that are typically higher than dealership trade-in offers. Additionally, because Auto9ja is not a traditional dealer our cost structure is lower: we don’t have showrooms, retail overhead, and Auto9ja never takes ownership of the car (we only facilitate a private party sale), all of which allows us to provide the best possible value for both the seller and the buyer.

Is my price guaranteed?

Yes, following your car’s 200-point inspection, we lock in your guaranteed payment. In the rare case that a buyer is not found at the listed price within the agreed upon time, we will still honor the price we guaranteed to you. The typical contract length is typically 60 to 90 days, depending on market demand.

How do I get a free Auto9ja quote on my car?

Schedule a free in-person evaluation at a location of your choosing. A Car Enthusiast will come to you and provide a quote on the spot. This is a 30-minute inspection and you’ll get a no-obligation listing proposal on your car, good for 7 days. To get the process started, contact us at sales@Auto9ja.com or call +2348055337677.

Do you accept cars with liens from the bank?

Yes. When the car is sold, the bank with the loan will be paid and then remaining amounts will be paid to the seller.

What should I expect during an evaluation?

Auto9ja will work within your schedule to send a Car Enthusiast to evaluate your car in person. Evaluations typically last 30 minutes and allow us to provide you with a more precise quote for your car. Scheduling an evaluation can be done immediately following your estimate request.

How long does it take to sell my car?

On average, cars listed on Auto9ja sell in fewer than 30 days.

When do I get paid?

You get paid within 7 days of payment from a buyer. The 7-day period is to ensure that all payments have been processed and that the buyer is happy with their purchase.

Can I trade-in my vehicle with Auto9ja ?

Yes. We’re more than happy to list your current vehicle after purchasing through Auto9ja. When booking a test drive on a car, click the trade-in option and we’ll follow up with you.

Do I need to keep my car insurance while selling my car through Auto9ja?

Yes, because you own your car up until the moment that someone else buys it, state regulations require drivers to keep insurance on a car until title is transferred to the buyer.

How can I keep an eye on my car?

You’ll be able to check the status of your car through a car tracker tool that’s assigned to every Auto9ja vehicle. When in our possession, your car is kept safe in a secured facility during the sale process.

Is Auto9ja insured?

Auto9ja has industry-leading insurance that protects your car while we have it. From pickup to sale, Auto9ja’s comprehensive commercial insurance policy will provide both property and liability coverage for your vehicle.

Am I liable for anything that happens to my car while it’s in Auto9ja’s possession?

Absolutely not. Auto9ja has a $5 million liability policy to cover the unlikely occurrence of damage or injury as a result of an accident caused by a Auto9ja employee. In addition, we are insured and will assume all responsibility for damage or liability which may occur while your car is being test driven.

Who pays for the damage to my car during an accident?

In the case of damage caused by another party, Auto9ja will file a claim with that party’s insurance and will of course facilitate the process of payment and repair. In the case where the driver of your car is at fault, Auto9ja will assume all responsibility for claims.

What happens if my car is damaged at your facility or mechanic?

Any damage to vehicles stored in a secured facility are fully covered under a comprehensive liability coverage. In addition, we require that all of our partner mechanics are insured for any incident occurring while your car is in their possession.


What do I do when I see a car I like on the Auto9ja platform?

Feel free to request a test drive directly from the website and you’ll be sent an email confirmation.

What is the Auto9ja test drive?

We believe that the test drive is a fundamental part of buying a car. That’s why we not only offer free test drives, but also bring the car right to your home or office. Find a car you’re interested in and a friendly Car Enthusiast will work within your schedule to deliver a 30 minute test drive to your door.

How does the test drive work?

Once you request a test drive, we’ll follow up with an email confirming timing and your Car Enthusiast’s name and contact info. A typical test drive usually runs about 30 minutes, and all you need is a valid driver’s license.

During the test drive, your Car Enthusiast will walk you through the car’s certified inspection report. They’ll then hand over the keys to you to take the car for a spin.

If you decide to purchase (yes, you can buy on the spot!), we’ll work with you to finalize payment and take care of the all the paperwork for you. * Only for Auto9ja’s certified cars

How do I know this car is in good condition? Are all of the cars listed on Auto9ja’s website inspected?

We spend 14 hours to inspect and certify the cars we list. Every Auto9ja Certified car comes with a free vehicle history report, a 200-point inspection report, 30-day limited warranty, and a 1-day return guarantee in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja. Learn more about the Auto9ja Certified inspection process. When the included warranty expires, it’s easy to continue coverage if you want continued peace of mind. You’ll be notified at the end of your 30-day warranty period and will be given the option to extend or upgrade your coverage.

How do I know I’m getting a fair price?

Auto9ja’s platform tracks millions of data points on past and current prices, and forecasts future prices. We use this data to suggest listing prices to sellers, resulting in an honest and informed price for buyers. Additionally, because Auto9ja is not a traditional dealer our cost structure is lower: we don’t have showrooms, retail overhead, and Auto9ja never takes ownership of the car (we only facilitate a private party sale), all of which allows us to provide the best possible value for both the seller and the buyer.

What financing options do I have with Auto9ja?

We offer a variety of financing options to facilitate your purchase. Auto9ja partners with reputable banks and credit unions to provide convenient, affordable financing to borrowers with all types of credit. To better understand your option, you can work with your Car Enthusiast during a test drive to learn more and even obtain approval for a loan on the spot.

How can I pay for a car with Auto9ja?

You can pay with cash, cheque, bank transfer, and financing through a credit union or bank. We’re happy to assist you with the payment and financing processes if needed.

Can I put a deposit on a car I’ve test driven?

Yes, a non-refundable payment of 50% of the total value of the car can be applied to the purchase of your vehicle while you arrange financing.

Does Auto9ja own the car I’m buying?

No. Auto9ja is a listing service that facilitates used car transactions between private party sellers and buyers. We only own Auto9ja certified cars.

What taxes and fees are associated with buying a car from Auto9ja?

There is no cost to take a car on a test drive. The total price of purchasing a car through Auto9ja will include Auto9ja’s car prep services charge, plus sales tax, registration, applicable paperwork and processing fees and associated financing charges, if any. Auto9ja’s car prep services charge includes Auto9ja’s 200-point inspection & report (excluding Hertz vehicles, whose inspection is performed by Hertz), vehicle history, and final preparation. Since the cost to provide many of these services is proportional to the price of the car, the car prep services charge is priced based on your car’s final price.